CEO Sleepout

Hi Mark, I’m here as living proof that homelessness can happen to anyone.

Here is Sue’s story-I had a wonderful job, a privileged background, three university degrees (including a PhD), I even owned a home, I had children… and none of that was enough to save me from homelessness.

I’m also here as proof that your support means everything when it comes to helping people out of homelessness.

I bet you sit here reading this, wondering how someone like me – someone with ‘Dr’ in their title – could even become homeless?

What happened to me was domestic abuse.

To raise money for the CEO Sleep Out and to help Sue and many others like her, I am “offering” myself as a slave for the day to the highest donation to my fundraising.

So far this is $300!!Your kind donations (which are tax free) are able to made using the following link:-…/mark-grant/gold-coast