Buskers with digital codes, school canteens with no cash!! Physical cash is on its way out!! The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has declared that currency was likely to become a “niche payment” used only in emergencies. Is this the most “Costless Payment Solution?”Train Commuters now pay for their travel using their credit/debit cards. Those relying on Cash donations (such as charities, the homeless) are facing a technology-driven issue- not of their own fault. Charities such as The Salvation Army have implemented EFTPOS Terminals to counteract this change in their fund-raising environment. Is this the most “Costless Payment Solution” for them? Small Charities are known to struggle with the transaction fees on donations, some are charged 2.2% (22 cents on a $10 donation). This certainly mounts up over a year. An estimated $6 billion goes missing every year through the “black economy” (most of it cash). With this progressive adoption of electronic payment solutions and less cash ‘deals’, may result in increased tax revenues and ultimately more spending on services for the needy in our community. How are these changes affecting you, your family, and your business?


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Dean BilaVarsity Lakes Community


1) Do your research- Understand who the target market of the event is. If possible, obtain a list of the attendees and research them on LinkedIn prior to the event, enable items for “small talk”

2) Find Common Ground- As you enter the networking event, approach someone who looks open to a conversation. Start with questions about them, their jobs, and interests.

3) Listen Actively- This is important. Do not just wait for your turn to speak. Ask relevant questions and listen intently to their responses.

4) Make a Polite Exit- When the time comes to exit the conversation, you could offer to get the person a drink. When you get back, they may be involved in another conversation, so you can give them their drink and leave.

5) Follow Up- Send them an email or add them on LinkedIn. Maybe they spoke about a hobby or issue at work and you see an article on that topic, so you could send them a link. This then gives you further credibility in their eyes.