Are you using Xero Accounting Software and experiencing Cash Flow Issues?

Well I can help you!!

With the “Pay Now” button I provide on the invoice, it gives you the ability to have your client pay as soon as they receive the emailed invoice.

The client is able to pay you from their credit card, debit card, bank account or by bpay.

Did I mention, that the transaction costs are able to be paid by your client (if you wish)!!

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Are you invoicing the same client for the same amount each week, fortnight, month or year?

Have you considered, How much time and money you would save if this process was automated?

You are thinking well how much will this cost me!!!

Well how about $0!!!

That is right, I am able to provide a Direct Debiting Solution to your Business, Club or Association “Free of Charge”

For more information:-please call 0419762478

1) You don’t have to pay a monthly EFTPOS Bill

1) You don’t have to pay a monthly EFTPOS Bill

2) Keep your bank account , and switch to an EFTPOS Specialist

3) You should not have to wait in a queue to seek help/assistance

4) Set Up should be plug in and use

Get started with Smartpay and start saving $$$$$$$ and join 1000’s of Australian Businesses who have.

I look forward to helping you