Join us for a Live on Thu, 28 May at 4:00 pm for an incredible Presentation by Mark Grant from Costless Payment Solutions on To Surcharge or Not To Surcharge!! Thats the question. We are facing an ever increasing pressure on our profits from business expenses. So what are your plans to address this? Surcharge laws in Australia have been in place since September 2017. I will help you understand the confusion surrounding surcharge, and how you can use surcharge to reduce your expenses and improve your profitability. Join us here live on Thu, 28 May at 4:00 pm!

We have experienced changes to how we manage and use our money during this pandemic. Here are some of the changes: – (1) Cashless Economy Numerous Businesses have directed consumers to pay by card rather than cash during this covid-19 period. The reason for doing so is to prevent any spread of disease that could occur when dealing with cash (including coins). A report from The Reserve Bank (Consumer Payments Survey 2019) stated that there were still many households using cash for all expenditure. This report evidenced that 27% of all transactions were completed using cash a sharp decline from 62% in 2010. (2) Tap N Go A change was made last month (April 2020), where in limits on “contactless” payments were increased from $100 to $200. The new payment limit also extends to customers using digital wallets via other payment devices (such as mobile phones and smart watches)