The number of customers making payments using a smartphone/I-Phone or smartwatch is surging as the desire to pay with cash or card declines.

Are you able to accept payments in this manner?

How are these transactions impacting on the fees charged by your bank?

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With 8 out of every 10 transactions in our economy completed using credit/debit cards, this increase in card usage will more than likely lead to an increase in Bank Fees.

That’s right possibly an increase in fees for your Business Payment Solutions (for example EFTPOS, Direct Debiting, Online Payment Gateways for example).

So with bank fees increasing this will result in reduced profits for your business!!!!

Therefore what will you do as a result of reduced business profits?????

Increase the cost of your goods and services and face the possibility of losing clients to your competitors???

Or keep the cost of your goods and services as they are, and pass the cost of card acceptance to your clients ?? (which has been legal since September 2017).

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