Australia could become a completely cash-free society within 3 years (as reported in The Courier Mail 17/12/2018). This migration to a cash-free economy is due in part to the ease of tap-and-go payment solutions and online payment services. Governor of The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Philip Lowe, says that Australia is at a turning point, with cash set to become a “niche payment”. Here in Australia we are already the sixth-highest users of electronic payments in the world, according to the RBA, with only 37 % of household spending done using cash compared with 69% a decade ago. University of NSW , Professor of Economics, Richard Holden said Australia could become a cash-free society in 3 years (ie 2021). So with the spending focus by consumers more towards card payments, how is your Business/Club/ Association placed to be able to accept this transaction surge in a “Costless” manner?