Are you happy using PayPal and/or Stripe for accepting Online Payments?

“It is killing my small business,” this is a comment I am receiving far too often from clients who are using either PayPal or Stripe for accepting payments online. 

“So why use PayPal and/or Stripe?” I ask and the response is “I use what everyone else uses.” 

This article is not intended to tarnish PayPal and or Stripe but to provide options for you to consider for your Online Payments. 

What if you were guaranteed funds into your bank account within 2 business days? 

And it does not matter which bank in Australia you bank with either!! 

In this business environment of rising costs and diminishing returns, you can offer to pass on the transaction costs to your clients, therefore making this Hosted Payment Page (HPP)- provided By Payrix (formerly Integrapay) “fee free to your business.” 

This is also a more time and cost effective option if you are accepting or wanting to accept payments over the telephone.

Having over 20 years banking experience in Australia, my business Costless Payment Solutions, was established with a desire to “give you back control” of the fees you have been paying to the banks for your Payment Solutions. 

So, what would you do with the $5000, $10,000 or more than I will save you?? 

There is no cost in talking with me!! 


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